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Workshopping Grounded at AMS!-Theatre

Linnea starts Bremen English Productions with a workshop of Grounded by George Brant at AMS!-Theatre

Who's In the Cast?

Linnea George as the Pilot

Directed by Markus Heryln

About Grounded by George Brant

The story of an ace fighter pilot who's career in the sky is ended early due to an unexpected pregnancy. Reassigned to operate military drones from a windowless trailer outside Las Vegas, she hunts terrorists by day and returns to her family each night. As the pressure to track a high-profile target mounts, the boundaries begin to blur between the desert in which she lives and the one she patrols half a world away.​

About Markus Heryln, Director

Markus Herlyn is director and acting teacher. His work is inspired by his long-standing education with famous teachers and masters, mostly coming from Russia and their methodically structured artistic approach.

About Maria J. Díaz, Production Manager

Maria J. Diaz is originally from Colombia and with several years of experience in advertising. She worked as account executive for both national and international brands, and also as project manager and chief of marketing and communication for a well known newspaper in her home town.

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