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What is The Artist's Way Workshop at the bremer shakespeare company?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path To Higher Creativity is a self-help book by American author Julia Cameron. The book was written to help people with artistic creative recovery, which teaches techniques and exercises to assist people in gaining self-confidence in harnessing their creative talents and skills.

The group meetings are based on a 12-week creativity course designed for people to work through and gain artistic inspiration, as outlined in the book. The program is focused on supporting relationships in removing artistic blocks and fostering confidence.

The Chapter's in Julia Book are thus:

Week 1: Recovering a Sense of Safety Week 2: Recovering a Sense of Identity Week 3: Recovering a Sense of Power Week 4: Recovering a Sense of Integrity Week 5: Recovering a Sense of Possibility Week 6: Recovering a Sense of Abundance Week 7: Recovering a Sense of Connection Week 8: Recovering a Sense of Strength Week 9: Recovering a Sense of Compassion Week 10: Recovering a Sense of Self-Protection Week 11: Recovering a Sense of Autonomy Week 12: Recovering a Sense of Faith.

Meeting every Sunday at the bremer shakespare company starting March 15, Linnea will teach the class meditation techniques, writing techniques, drawing and self-care techniques that aid in hearing the inner creative voice.

A typical class will look like this:

11:00-11:15 Meditation

11:15-11:45 Writing exercise

11:45-12:15 Discussion of the week's chapter

12:15-12:30 Break

12:30-13:30 Creative exercises as specified in the book

13:30-14:00 Ending Circle and Meditation

Register now! Space is limited. Email to reserve your spot.

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