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Rupi Kaur

It's time for another staged reading.

For Der Bremer KulturSommer Summarum, I wanted to produce a reading that was a sure audience-grabber. I thought of our sold-out performance at the Kukoon almost two years ago. That was The Vagina Monologues. I inquired with Eve Ensler's agent if we could do a shortened version for our COVID-19 performance outside.

The answer was a strict "no".

A friend of mine dropped by. We and two other women sat in my garden one summer night and started reading poems out of a new book of poetry she found. Each poem bounced off the page like a knife in the heart or a fragrant flower. Short and very reachable, I fell in love with Rupi Kauer's poetry like one falls in love with the sunset. No regrets.

It was clear after I heard back from Eve's agent, that a staged reading of Rupi Kauer's poetry was the way to go.

Join us on Sunday August 23, 18:30 at the Quartiersplatz Neustadt/Schulhof OS Leibnizplatz.

Limited seating is available and of course COVID-19 rules will be observed. Tickets here:

Poems of Rupi Kaur, Directed by Linnea George

with: Mariam Asaad, Linnea George, Thea Meyer-Grimberg, Gabriele von Pappenheim

Britta Plote, Nadine Portillo

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